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Even Used Gum Has Importance in a Candy Factory

We were exploring another candy factory (evidently, many nefarious activities occur around the creation of sugary treats.) We started in a room full of doors and had to decipher which door was the real door leading to the rest of the factory. Once we signed our name to the equivalent of a non-disclosure agreement, we...Read More

Failing to Listen in a Funeral Home

We found ourselves in a funeral home. Our Uncle, the business owner, had died, and we were due to inherit it – we only needed to find the will. We started in the funeral home chapel, worked our way into the back office, and then to the area where the bodies are prepared for burial....Read More

Facing A Time Crunch In An Inventor’s Attic

Great teamwork was essential for this adventure in an inventor’s attic. There were many puzzles in one room, and each puzzle awarded us with a piece of a machine that would open a box for the next part of the room. Naturally, we broke up into teams to work on several puzzles at once. Some...Read More

Speaking Up In A Hidden Temple

The room we found ourselves in was subline in nearly every possible way. It’s probably one of the best rooms we have ever been in—the props were beautiful, the technology seamless and exciting. The only thing that was missing was the voice of one of our escapeletes. The escapeletes (and mostly everyone, really) get excited...Read More

Questioning Ourselves in the Morgue

We found ourselves racing against the clock while locked in… a morgue! Amongst the drawers for cold storage and a multitude of feet with toe tags, we were overwhelmed by the sheer number of four-digit locks we found in the room. This room was a tough one; we’d find a puzzle and figure it out,...Read More

A Test of Endurance: Pharaohs, Zombies, Wizards, and Pirates

It was a long day! It had been a while since the escapeletes were able to visit an actual escape room location due to stay-at-home orders during the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic. We were excited to find a location we hadn’t visited yet in our area (which is very rare since we’ve done almost...Read More

Trapped in a Submarine with a Language Barrier

Due to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders across the globe, our fellow spy had to video call us for assistance after she got trapped in a submarine somewhere in Northern Europe. Thankfully, she was reasonably fluent in English because, that is the only common language us escapeletes shared with her. We were able to...Read More

Patience with an Emotional Meltdown in a Haunted Orphanage

Our friend in Austria sent out an urgent call for help. She found herself locked in a haunted orphanage and could not find her way out. Unfortunately, due to the COVID-19 pandemic and stay-at-home orders, we could only help her via a video call. We could tell the atmosphere in the room was pretty scary,...Read More

Being Happy With Good Enough in a Wizard’s Lair

Our team’s mission was to break a death curse cast by an evil wizard. We started in his study, uncovering clues as to how he cast the spell and very quickly worked our way into his dungeon, where a poor dragon was caged and roaring quite loudly. It was hard to think at times with...Read More

Never Give Up, Never Surrender (When Searching for a Zombie Cure)

Our team was responsible for saving the human race by liberating the cure for a nasty virus in a zombie-filled mad scientist’s lab. We started in his office, quickly gaining access to a room that appeared to be solely for storing his weird collection of dolls (what?), and then found the secret entrance to his...Read More